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About me

I 'm a wedding photographer based in Rhodes. Photography is my passion. I love travelling, meeting new places and people. My love for photography started at young age . As the years passed by, I realised my passion for capturing wedding moments and creating stories made out of love. The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the church or ballroom. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is what I love to reflect through my cameras. At the end of the day , I always feel grateful for being part of such a special day as your wedding day . If you like the same things that I do, say yes and lets do your wedding together. Simona

Wedding professional photographer

A first thing you want to know about me, is that I am truly a professional wedding artist, “with documents”. I have specialized studies in the field of photography and have certified DSLR PRO. Therefore, I chose to address especially the pretentious, who emphasize quality and professionalism. I am very dedicated to this art and I am aware that what I do remains as a memory in life. Moreover, I know that the end result will be my business card in the future.

Choose a professional

For me, weddings are not just simple events, but true stories. As a wedding photographer I am a perfectionist and I leave nothing to chance. I will capture the excitement of the most important moments, in a truly professional way. I am very open to find out and understand what you want, the style in which you would like the pictures to be made and edited.

Professional christening photographer

I place great emphasis on professionalism, always trying to translate my feelings into wonderful photos. I will be present for the entire duration of the event. The main moments are those at home, at the church and at the restaurant. In any of these locations, I assure you that I will capture the emotion of the most important moments.
Home is the place where the child feels most safe and can be surprised at best. The church for the most sacred Christenings.
The restaurant is for the relaxed moments of both the child and the parents.

Professional photographer from Rhodes

From the beginning, we will advise on everything that our collaboration will involve. I will give you all the advice you need.
Whether it is your positioning in frames that will benefit you or choosing the location for the photo shoot.
For me communication is very important for the success of the final result.

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